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TrackShare software makes uploading GPS tracks and sharing them with clients and colleagues quick and easy! Some of the features of TrackShare include:

  • Simple. one-click upload process from the GPS unit to ManageMy GPS/Post/Tracks.
    Just plug the unit in, then click the upload button! (See Uploading Tracks)
  • Supports most common GPS loggers.
    (See Supported GPS Logger Devices)
  • Staff can view and share tracks from any location.
    Your workers can upload their tracks back in the office, out in the field, from home, or from anywhere with a Windows computer and an active Internet connection.
  • Works with multiple units simultaneously.
    Compare tracks on two different devices before uploading, or set up an “upload kiosk PC”. No need to wait for one unit to finish downloading the day’s work before plugging in the next!
  • TrackShare gives each GPS unit a unique identifying number that can be used to track and audit hardware use.
  • Flexible configuration options.
    (See TrackShare Options)
  • Manage hardware device settings.
    Many device/unit settings can be configured straight from TrackShare – no need to download any manufacturer specific software. (See GPS Logger Device Settings)

For an overview of the TrackShare user interface, check out the User Interface Overview page.

For advanced information and FAQs on TrackShare, see Advanced Information.