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Please note: this article assumes you have already installed TrackShare on your computer (see Installing TrackShare).

TrackShare is only available for Microsoft Windows at present.

This article only covers the basic use of TrackShare (uploading tracks). If you would like to learn more about the TrackShare user interface click here. There are also many options for customisation further discussed in TrackShare Options.

Click on the TrackShare icon on your desktop.


Your should see the TrackShare utility interface, similar to below:


If the status bar indicates “Offline”, you will need to log in using the same username/password combination you use to log in to ManageMy GPS/Post/Tracks, or that you used during the registration process.


Once logged in, the user interface should change to look similar to below:


Connect the GPS unit to the PC via the USB cable provided. TrackShare should detect the device within a second or two and start identifying the device.

Once identified, TrackShare will attempt to download any tracks currently on the device.

Once downloaded you should see the device listed in TrackShare similar to below (the large number identifies how many tracks were found):


Uploading All Tracks On The Device:

Click the Upload button next to your device to begin the upload. A progress bar will indicate the upload progress:


With the default settings (see TrackShare options for a description of settings), a backup will be saved inside the TrackShare folder in your documents and you will be prompted to erase your device. If you choose yes all tracks on your device will be removed.


For the first couple of uses you may wish to remove tracks manually, but it is recommended that you erase each device in between uploads to avoid confusion and duplicate uploads.

After choosing Yes or No the device will show Unplug. At this point it is safe to disconnect the device from the USB cable.


GPS tracks will now be available for viewing on the Track Upload Page on the ManageMy GPS/Post/Tracks website.

Uploading Select Tracks on the Device:

The previous method uploads ALL tracks found on the device. If you are erasing the device in between uploads you will probably find this to be the most appropriate solution, however there may come a time where you want to select one or more tracks to upload manually. To do this you must first click on the View / Edit button.

Un-check any tracks that you do not wish to upload in the list:



  1. Press the Upload Selected button to upload direct from this window, or
  2. Press the Close Map button, answer Yes to the following dialog, then press the Upload button from the main screen.