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With TrackShare it is very easy to attach photos to a track. These photos can then be uploaded to, and viewed on any of the ManageMy cloud applications.

There are two options for attaching photos:

  1. By using a camera with a built in GPS (this includes most smartphones – iPhone, Android, etc).
  2. By using any digital camera with the clock set accurately.

1 – Using a camera with a built in GPS

If your camera has a built in GPS, TrackShare will use this when attaching photos to a track. There are 2 advantages to using this method:

  1. You don’t have to worry about the clock on your camera.
  2. Because it is not dependant on the clock, you can attach photos that were taken at a different time / on a different day to the track.
    This can be useful if a second person is involved in quality control checks after a job has been tracked.

There are a couple of disadvantages:

  1. A smartphone GPS is not “always-on”. As such, it is not uncommon for the photo to be tagged incorrectly in a location you were at a few minutes ago.
  2. Camera & phone GPSs are often less accurate. As such the photo will often be tagged a few meters away from the track.
    The screenshot below demonstrates this – the photo on the left was taken with the camera GPS enabled, the one on the right with the camera clock, the red line is the track:



2 – Using the camera’s clock

The timestamp on the GPS track is always accurate, and if you set your camera’s clock accurately TrackShare can accurately align your images on your track. is a good free accurate time source.

This method is typically highly accurate, the only downside being that the photos have to be taken while the track is being made.

Attaching the Photos

Click the View/Edit button in TrackShare to open the Track Map.

If you haven’t already, give the track a meaningful name, then click the Edit button:



Now just drag your photos to the area labelled “Drag Photos Here”:


A thumbnail of each photo will automatically be placed on the map:



Optionally give each image a name by clicking on a thumbnail. This will open the Edit POI dialog:



The new name will be visible when hovering the mouse cursor over a thumbnail:



When you’ve finished added / renaming photos click the “Save Track” button, then upload the track to your ManageMy GPS / ManageMy Tracks / ManageMy Post account. You will now be able to view your track with all associated POIs in the web browser: