Editing Tracks

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To begin editing a track, click the Edit button next to the track item:


Track editing capabilities are broken into 3 tabs – Main, Adjust and POIs.



  1. The default track name is the timestamp of the first point. Simply type in a new name to change the track name.
  2. Track edit actions:
    Trim from start of track – click this, then click a point on the track or chart to trim the start off the selected track.
    Trim from end of track – as above, but trims the tail end of the track.
    Split this track in two - click this, then click a point on the track to split the selected track into two.
    Enable/Disable POIs – toggle all POIs enabled/disabled.
    Undo all changes to track – reverts the track back to it’s original state when downloaded.
    Remove this track – removes, or deselects this track. This is the same as unchecking the track in the list.
  3. Photo POI drag-drop target.
    Simply drag and drop JPEG images here to attach them to the track.
    Photos that have already been geotagged, such as those taken with a camera phone, will be placed at their geotagged coordinates.  All other photos will be placed on the track by their timestamp.
    Note: photos that were taken before or after the start/finish of the selected track cannot be placed.
    Note2: photos added to the track are automatically scaled down to 1024×768.
  4. Saves the changes made to the track.
  5. Discards the changes made to the track since the Edit button was pressed.
  6. Closes the entire map & edit window.


The adjust tab provides controls to smooth or improve tracks. Depending on location, conditions, and surroundings, certain tracks may contain spikes, or track paths may zig-zag when  they should have been straight.

From our experience most GPS loggers are usually quite accurate and this should not be necessary, however if required these controls may assist.


  • Smoothing Amount – the smoothing technique used averages the adjacent track points to produce straighter lines in the track (reduces zig-zags). Sliding the control further right increases the effect.
  • Smoothing Width – has no effect unless Smoothing Amount is set. Sliding the control right uses more adjacent points when smoothing & has the effect of rounding the corners. If a track contains sharp 90-degree turns, sliding this too far right may cause the track to “cut corners”.
  • Remove Spikes – identifies & removes rogue points caused by spikes or noise. Sliding the control further to the right will improve the changes of identifying and removing a spike, but also improve the chances of false positives.
  • Reduce Points – removes points in close proximity with each other. Especially useful for extremely large tracks where the track size can often by more than halved with little impact to the final track. Sliding the control further right will further reduce the track size, but may impact the resulting track.


A POI (point of interest) or waypoint typically represents something of note on the map. Many loggers provide a POI button that, when pressed, will result in a POI being available here in TrackShare. In addition, each photo added to TrackShare will appear as a POI.


Uncheck any POIs that you wish to exclude in the upload or save.

To edit a POI name, either double-click the POI item in the list, or click on the corresponding map marker,