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Accessing the Options

To access the settings dialog, click the cogwheel icon located in the top-right of the TrackShare window.


The settings dialog should appear like below. Each settings is explained in it’s own section below.


Remove Tracks After Upload

Note: this setting only has an effect when uploading in “Devices” mode. In “Tracks” mode your device will always be left untouched.

  • No – tracks on your device will be left as is after uploading. You will need to manually erase your devices.
  • Auto – after every upload your device will be automatically erased – all tracks will be removed.
  • Ask (recommended) – after every upload you will be asked if you wish to erase the device.

Backup Tracks After Upload

  • No – no backups will be made. You may still backup tracks manually.
  • Auto (recommended) – after every upload your the tracks will be backed up to your documents folder as GPX files.
  • Ask – after every upload you will be asked if you wish to backup the tracks on the device.

Open Track Uploads Page After Upload

  • No – no page will be opened after uploading.
  • Auto – after an upload is complete, the Track Uploads page will be opened allowing you to assign your tracks to jobs.
  • Ask - after an upload is complete, you will be asked if you wish to open the Track Uploads page.

Automatically upload tracks when new devices are connected

If enabled, when TrackShare detects a device connected it will begin uploading straight away (if online), or as soon as TrackShare is logged in (if offline).

You may use this in combination with Backup Tracks After Upload & Remove Tracks After Upload to create a fully-automated, no clicks required TrackShare setup! – Just plug the device in when ready, unplug it when complete.

Show TrackShare when a new device is connected

If enabled, when TrackShare detects a device connected it will immediately bring the TrackShare window to the foreground.

Hide TrackShare when the last device is disconnected

If enabled, when TrackShare detects that no devices are connected it will minimise the application to the system tray (the small icon area next to clock, typically in the bottom-right side of the screen).

Automatically update TrackShare when updates are found

If enabled, when TrackShare detects that an update is available online it will immediately restart and install the updates.

Warn when loggers are set with < 5s intervals

Some loggers come with a default interval from the factory of 1 second. For most applications this is overkill and you will end up with gigantic & excessively detailed tracks. These large tracks also eat up your credits rather quickly and can cause job maps to become excessively slow and unresponsive. Our mapping system optimises tracks for large jobs somewhat, but you can save yourself the headache and charges and configure your GPS units correctly.

When enabled, you will be notified if TrackShare detects a device that is configured with a time interval of less than 5 seconds.

Through our testing, we have identified 5 seconds as being an optimal interval for walking to jogging applications.

Do not upload any POIs

Many devices feature a Point-Of-Interest button. These are often also referred to as a waypoint. These can be incredibly useful for marking locations of note on a track and will be displayed by pin markers on maps.

The problem with these buttons, however, is that they can sometimes be easily knocked! If walking or riding they can be repetitively tapped causing hundreds of POIs to be uploaded along with the track.

If you have this problem with your unit and don’t need the POI functionality, you can simply enable this setting and POIs won’t be sent to the server.