GPS Logger Device Settings

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TrackShare allows you to manage settings on compatible GPS data loggers.

Click on cogwheel icon in the device controls in TrackShare.


This will open the settings screen like below (note – settings will not be written to the device until the OK button is pressed):


The available settings are discussed in order below:

Device Details:

This section contains a variety of information to help you identify the device you are configuring.

  • Device – the long number starting with MMD is a unique ID that is assigned by the server. If the device is used on different accounts it will keep the same ID. Formatting the device will cause a new MMD ID to be assigned.
    The short number is only available when you are logged in, as it is unique to your company. The short number makes it easy to identify the device in your company reports.
    A device only has 1 long MMD number, but may have many short company ID numbers (one for each account it is used for).
  • Port – the serial port name the device is connected to.
  • Model – the identified model of the connected device.

GPS Log Settings:

Use this section to set the time and distance interval the GPX logger will utilise. Either use the Walk/Ride/Drive presets, or specify your own time or distance interval.

For most applications, the “Walk” mode is recommended.

Data Log Memory:

Displays the percentage of memory currently in use by the logger and options for when the memory is full.

It is recommended to use the “Stop Logging” option and to erase the logger in between uses. With the backup options enabled you will still have a copy of each track on your computer. The “Overwrite” option may result in unpredictable results.


  • Delete Tracks – removes all tracks from the devices memory. All settings & device ID will be left as is.
  • Reset to Defaults – sets the device options to “Walk” and “Stop Logging”. The device ID and tracks will remain on the device.
  • Format Device – removes all tracks, resets the device ID, and┬ásets the device options to “Walk” and “Stop Logging”. When the device is connected it will receive a new ID (MMD number).