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This article is intended for advanced users.

  1. Where is TrackShare installed to? 
    TrackShare is installed on a per-user basis inside each user’s application data folder. This means each user needs to install TrackShare themselves.
    On Windows Vista/7/8 this is typically C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\TrackShare
  2. What are the prerequisites of TrackShare?
    Microsoft’s .NET Framework is required. The minimum version required is the 4.0 Client Profile.
    Also, you will need to have drivers installed for any GPS loggers you wish to use. These typically come bundled with your GPS logger.
  3. Where are TrackShare settings save to?
    A file called TrackShare.settings will be created inside the TrackShare application folder. This enables TrackShare to be made into a portable application if required.
    On Windows Vista/7/8 this is typically C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\TrackShare\TrackShare.settings
  4. How can I make TrackShare a portable application?
    Just copy the TrackShare application folder to a USB drive, and you can run it from there.
    Just one thing to note: each computer you run it on will need to have .NET Framework 4, plus any necessary hardware drivers installed.