TrackShare makes it effortless to get your tracks from your GPS logger, into the cloud.

Easy to use GPS logger software that makes sharing, editing and viewing tracks simple. Integrated with the range of ManageMy cloud solutions, TrackShare lets you load GPS tracks to the cloud for instant viewing.

Simple, easy to use UI

A simple to use layout that makes it easy to view, edit and share GPS tracks. Drag and drop to geotag photos. View track history data in easy to read graphs.


Works with most GPS loggers

TrackShare software works with a range of makes and models using the MediaTek (MTK) chipset.

Works with most GPS loggers

One click uploading of tracks

One click upload to a range of ManageMy cloud applications. Share and view maps from anywhere.

One click uploading of tracks

Share and store your tracks in the cloud with ManageMy integration

Create projects, load GPS tracks for instant viewing, generate reports and share maps whether you are in the office or in the field.

Share and store your tracks in the cloud with ManageMy integration

tracks logo Cloud storage software for data loggers. Share, manage or export GPS track data.

gps logo Quality assurance software for businesses with staff in the field.

post logo Delivery confirmation software for the unaddressed mail industry.

Preview and edit your tracks directly in the app

Preview and edit GPS track data with ease on your desktop. Split, trim or filter tracks with intuitive editing tools. Add photos and edit POIs (point of interest markers) on the desktop before upload to the cloud to share with others. Analyse your track data with easy to understand charts.


Drag and drop photo geotagging

TrackShare makes photo geotagging a breeze. Just drag and drop photos and they will be ragged to tracks for viewing on the desktop or uploaded to the cloud for sharing with friends.